Container Mast Forklifts

Container Mast forklift simply means that a forklift can enter a 20' or 40' container and unload the pallets or freight inside. It can be LPG, diesel or electric with a capacity of up to 7.0 tonne.

There are 2 important considerations. A true container mast has full free lift and 3 stages in the mast. This means that the carriage can be raised without the inner rail of the mast coming up. In real life, this means you can enter a container and unload a pallet that maybe sitting on top of another pallet 1200mm off the ground without the mast going through the roof of the container.

You may see a 3.0m 2 stage mast forklift promoted as a container mast but this mast DOES NOT have full free lift. Whilst it can enter a container and pick pallets off the floor, the inner rail of the mast will come up with the carriage and potentially hit the roof of the container. When purchasing a forklift this will be a cheaper option but not necessarily a good one.

A container mast forklift has numerous other applications though including low clearance work areas and low door entry warehouses. Also in applications where there are low hanging obstructions overhead where full free lift is important.

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Container Mast Forklifts

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