New & Used Electric Pallet Trucks For Sale

At Queensland Forklifts, we can supply you with the full range of battery electric pallet trucks. There are literally dozens of different variations in the models and specifications available. As such it is very important to clearly understand what it is you would like to achieve using an electric pallet truck.

Electric Pallet Trucks come in a variety of capacities but generally 2.0 tonne is standard. They are used in numerous applications including:

  • Warehousing
  • Retail Stores
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Hospitality
  • Building and Construction

Where ever you have a need to move pallets around a space an electric pallet truck can be a consideration. If you are not stacking or placing pallets into racking, then an Electric Pallet Truck may be a safer and far more cost effective option for your business.

Crown Electric Pallet Trucks For Sale

There are many options to consider depending on your application including:

  • Weights and sizes of pallets
  • Length of runs the unit will do
  • Hours of work per day
  • Double Pallet options
  • Aisle widths and working areas
  • Operator controls for both safety and usability

We have a complete range of Electric Pallet Trucks including the market leading brands of Toyota, BT, Raymond and Crown. Our battery care and maintenance systems ensure you can rely on performance with total comfort. We also use the latest technology in battery regeneration to maximise battery life.

Our stock is growing and developing all the time. Give us a call anytime and let Qld Forklifts give you the right advice for your business today.

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