Why Choose Queensland Forklifts

Are you truly satisfied with the service and communication you get from your forklift provider?

At Queensland Forklifts, we clearly understand that without you as our customer, we have no business! As such, our commitment is to provide you with simply the best customer service in the industry. Queensland Forklifts has the expertise, the dedication and the enthusiasm to ensure that you are treated with the care you deserve.

We believe quality customer service doesn't need to stop once you've agreed to use our forklifts - we pride ourselves on our constant communication and follow up.

When you hire a forklift from Queensland Forklifts you can relax knowing you have a great quality machine with a fully committed and dedicated service support team behind you.

Why Choose Queensland Forklifts
Queensland Forklifts Guarantee

When you call us you'll get:

  • Responded to immediately
  • Highly qualified and experienced people to help you
  • The best range of rental forklifts and equipment in the industry
  • A commitment to deliver exactly what we promise
  • Service and support that is the best in the industry

Call us on (07) 3807 4900 to find out how we can help your business today.


Our forklift specialists are ready and waiting to assist you no matter how big or small your enquiry is.