4.0 ton 18.0m Boom Manitou MT-X 1840

The Manitou MT-X 1840 telehandler can lift loads of up to 4 tonnes with a boom reach of up to 18m. This machine is specifically designed for high rise working. It has 3 steering modes and a turning radius of 4.0m making manoeuvrability easy even on surfaces that are not level. Safety is paramount and this machine has outriggers and a frame levelling system to maximise stability at all times.

For such a large capacity machine, it has a super smooth operation and is the preferred choice of machine for operators world-wide.

The Manitou MT-X 1840 telehandler comes with a full range of attachments including;

  • Buckets
  • Rotators
  • Lifting Jibs

Our machines are fitted with a Rated Capacity Limiter which protects the operator against over loading the machine.

This system measures the weight of the load and compares it against the manufacturer's recommended load rating. It takes into account the boom angle, length extension and whether the stabilisers are raised or lowered. This is especially relevant if you are using a jib with the machine.

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