Telehandlers / Telescopic Forklifts

A Telehandler or Telescopic Forklift is a rough terrain forklift with a telescopic boom instead of a standard forklift mast.

They are available with a huge range of attachments including rotators, lifting jibs and buckets. Our range of Manitou Telehandlers come standard with a full suite of safety features including frame levelling, Rated Capacity Limiters, Maximum Capacity Limiters, Joystick controls, 3 steering modes, outriggers and cameras. (model dependant)

Our Telehanders also have full cabins and air conditioning for your operators comfort and to improve productivity.

These amazing machines can lift loads up to 25 metres with capacities of up to 12 tonne! Our standard range starts with the small and manouverable MT 420 4.0m 2.0 ton machine right up to MT-X1840 18.0m 4.0 tonne machine. We also stock the beast of the range, the MT790 7.0m 9.0 tonne machine! We can also access larger machines as well as rotational telehandlers.

This makes the telehander the most versatile and useful machine to have on any construction site, Event set up or any infrastructure project you can think off. There is no problem the telehander cannot solve.

We stock a full range of the world famous Manitou range of Telehanders including:

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Manitou Telehandlers

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